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Editorial Guidance for Adventurous Writers

So many stories start as a "spark" that won't leave you alone until you write it down. But when the story is finally written, something still feels… off. It lacks the same luster of the spark in your head.


So you revise and revise. If the writing is hard, then the revising is even harder. Especially when the spark has conveniently abandoned you and you find yourself lost, frustrated, and overwhelmed inside the story you created.


That’s why you shouldn’t have to revise alone. You need a different perspective from someone who understands your vision and direction, but isn't as close to the story as you are. 

I’m Cara, professional editor and wielder of the Midnight Quill. Let me be your guide.



Developmental Editing

Developmental editing is an investment into your story - and your skills as a writer.



Sarah Maree

Author, Positivity Camp and Ryac and the Dark Mage

"Cara gets a 10 out of 10 from me! … Cara not only helped with constructive feedback, grammatical issues, developmental issues, and overall structure to my story, but she helped restore my faith in hiring an editor. It was truly great having comments that helped me see what was and what was not working in my manuscript.
… Highly recommend! And I will definitely be using her in the future!"


Turnaround time, respecting authorial vision, what's the difference, oh my!

Let me answer your burning questions - if you're still curious, then ask me directly!


Ready to embark?

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