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Editorial Guidance
for Adventurous Authors

Midnight Quill provides editing & story development for writers of fantasy, sci-fi, YA, and speculative fiction. 

Looking for Guidance?

Writers are wizards, full-stop. From a single idea’s spark, you create entire worlds to share with readers. A story is the path you lay through that new world to allow readers to experience it.


But stories, like paths, aren’t always easy to build. And they can be even harder to revise, if you're not sure of where you're going or how to get there. 

As a professional editor, I've helped many authors find their way through new stories and old stories that got out of hand. I provide a fresh and professional perspective, engaged and compassionate insights, and tailored suggestions and techniques for every story. 

Hi, I'm Cara Walker.

Developmental editor of SFF, young adult, and speculative fiction

I’m a developmental editor based in the United States, and I work with adult and YA fantasy, science fiction, magical realism, and other kinds of speculative fiction that don’t fall neatly into one of those genres.

Basically: if you’re the kind of writer who creates world-bending fiction, whether by magic or tech or new physics or a reorganized society, I’d love to work with you.

Cara gets a 10 out of 10 from me! … [she] not only helped with constructive feedback, grammatical issues, developmental issues, and overall structure to my story, but she helped restore my faith in hiring an editor. It was truly great having comments that helped me see what was and what was not working in my manuscript.
… Highly recommend! And I will definitely be using her in the future! - Sarah Maree, author


Developmental Editing

Need a deep, thorough look at the parts of your story and how they fit together before you start revisions?

Manuscript Evaluations

Need a broad overview of your story with some professional, yet affordable, guidance? 


Need a reader's reaction to the story you've written to make sure it's on the right track?

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