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aka, "The Indie Edit"
Honest, practical feedback to guide your revisions.

A manuscript evaluation gives a general analysis of your novel, finding the spots that need a little more love and giving broad suggestions about changes, techniques, and where to go next with this feedback. 


While a manuscript evaluation will still point out the strengths and opportunities for improvement within your story, the scope of a manuscript evaluation's guidance will be more general than in a full developmental edit. 

Many writers find a manuscript evaluation to be a cost-effective way to get professional feedback before they start another round of revisions. In addition, a manuscript evaluation is a great and affordable option for writers who don't feel comfortable with investing in a full developmental edit. 

Who It's For

Generally, I recommend this kind of edit for: ​

  • Writers who intend to self-publish. 

  • Manuscripts that have been through a few drafts, already been heavily edited, or are getting closer to self-publication. 

  • Writers who want feedback, but aren't able to participate in a writer's group or workshop setting. 

  • Writers who feel too close to their novel and need a different perspective.

  • Writers who want feedback quickly. 

What's Included

A manuscript evaluation comes with the following deliverables: 

- A 5-6 page cover letter

- An annotated manuscript

- A light line edit and copyedit (to find and fix major mistakes)

- 1 hour-long consultation

- Up to an hour of email support during the revisions process

What It Costs

Novels up to 60,000 words: $1,000

+$10 for every additional 1,000 words

How Long It Takes

Turnaround time is typically 2 to 3 weeks from the scheduled date, dependent on receipt of  the signed contract, receipt of the full manuscript in Word (.doc) format, and completion of the payment schedule. 

If completion of the manuscript evaluation is needed before the indicated time frame, rush fees will apply. 


Contact me for a free sample edit!

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